What is reproduction furniture?

Reproduction furniture refers to brand new furniture that has been manufactured in the style of antique furniture. It can be made to look just as it would have when it left the factory hundreds of years ago, in a finely polished unmarked state, or it can be made to look like an antique with faked ageing.

This brings up another point, how is reproduction furniture different from fake or counterfeit furniture?

The only real difference between the two is intent, if someone replicates a Chippendale chair and then tries to pass it off as an original to a buyer then of course they are being dishonest and are committing a fraudulent act. They may even have gone to the trouble of giving the piece counterfeit makers marks. Reproduction furniture, although sometimes a very good copy of the original, should always be clearly stated as being a copy of the original antique when being sold.

Of course many of us would love to have our homes filled with genuine antique furniture but for those of us that lack the means to pay for such, or the patience to spend ages tracking down pieces that compliment each other in style and colour, reproduction furniture is the perfect solution.

Indeed many manufacturers of reproduction furniture such as ourselves can even supply a piece that is the exact same colour as any existing piece you already own. Also we can design and build a piece to your own requirements at a fraction of the cost of an antique piece.